Improving Social Skills in Teens with ADHD

Students with Attention Deficit Disorder often lack social skills. Their impulsive comments or lack of empathy often makes it hard to keep friends. This is not true for all students with ADHD, as their aredifferent types of ADHD, but it is true for many students with attention deficit disorder. Some teenage ADHD students will also be “anti-social” and in trouble …


Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTImproving Social Skills in Teens with ADHD

Impulsive Behaviors with Teen ADHD Students

One of the main characteristics of people with Attention Deficit Disorder is the tendency to act impulsively (acting before thinking about the consequences of their behavior). Impulsivity often shows itself in a lack of understanding of cause and effect. Research suggests that ADD ADHD students can often verbalize the rules but have difficulty internalizing them and translating them into thoughtful …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTImpulsive Behaviors with Teen ADHD Students