Consistency of Performance Elem

ADHD in School: Consistent Performance and ADHD Students Students with ADHD can benefit greatly from behavioral interventions that are sensitive to their processing style. An individualized plan that emphasizes stimulating reinforcers on a consistent basis has a good chance of success. Consequences and reinforcement should be as immediate as possible. Changing the reward periodically is usually necessary. A major consideration …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTConsistency of Performance Elem

Improving Social Skills Elem

ADHD in School: Social Skills Many ADHD Students have significant deficits in social skills - particularly those that are impulsive or hyperactive. Often ADHD students are seen as being too loud, too pushy, even obnoxious. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help them to be more successful. Improving Social Skills with ADHD Students Students with attentional …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTImproving Social Skills Elem

Decreasing Impulsive Behaviors in the Classroom Elem

ADHD in School: Self-Control and Focus Behaviors that are rewarded tend to re-occur. Reward and Promote Self-Control, never reward impulsivity. Students with ADHD tend to act impulsively, not thinking about the consequences first. Dealing With Impulsive Behaviors in ADHD Students One of the hallmarks of children with attention deficits is the tendency to act impulsively (acting before thinking through the …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTDecreasing Impulsive Behaviors in the Classroom Elem

Increasing Time on Task Elem

ADHD in School: Focus and Time on Task Behaviors that are rewarded tend to re-occur. Reward and Promote Time on Task, never reward time “off-task”. Students with ADHD have difficulty sustaining focus to the completion of a task, unless it is really interesting. Increasing Your ADHD Student’s Time on Task One of the problems with ADHD is a “Working Memory” …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTIncreasing Time on Task Elem

Organizing Your Classroom for ADHD Students Elem

ADHD in School: Organization of the Elementary School Classroom Have you ever found weeks worth of homework assignments in your ADHD students desk, shoved ‘way in the back? If you have, then you want to read this section. Parents, does your ADHD student spend two hours at home working, crying, whining, and then working to finally complete a fifteen minute homework …

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTOrganizing Your Classroom for ADHD Students Elem

Worksheets for ADHD Students Elem

ADHD in Elementary School: Worksheet Tips Every elementary school teacher uses worksheets. Learn how they can best be used with elementary school aged students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder “ADHD”. Just a few changes can help your ADHD students a lot! ADHD in Class: Using Worksheets in Elementary School

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTWorksheets for ADHD Students Elem
ADHD in School: Room Set up

Room Set-Up : Elementary School : ADHD

ADHD in School: Room Set-Up With ADHD students a good rule is “the fewer distractions the better.”  We want ADHD students to be able to pay attention to the right thing and the right time.  Here are several ideas to help you, and your students with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Your Room Set-Up and ADHD Students

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFTRoom Set-Up : Elementary School : ADHD